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At this point in development, we are concentrating largely on game engine and graphic content development; it's not clear whether or not Salp Wars will have an official soundtrack. Just in case though, Tyler has been slowly creating some demo songs that might be used with the game. He has tried mixing traditional electronic instruments (like the square and saw waves) with less video-gamey instruments (drums, bass, strings, etc) to create a hybrid soundscape.

It should be stressed here that these songs are demos. Should they be used with the final game, they probably will be remixed or at least remastered so that they all have a consistent volume and mix well with one another. Similarly, some of the songs might not be appropriate for any part of this game, and might be omitted from the "official" soundtrack.


Note: You might need to download a player or plug-in in order to listen to these songs.

Song Length Size Last Modified
Airless Trip 3:53 3.2M Apr 15, 20:31 UTC
Burst 3:21 2.9M Apr 13, 17:20 UTC
Caved Rock 2:04 1.5M Apr 13, 17:22 UTC
Dadadum 3:52 2.8M Apr 14, 04:30 UTC
Mista 3:10 2.4M Apr 29, 06:45 UTC
Shallow1 3:49 3.0M Apr 15, 20:45 UTC
Spynet 3:15 2.4M Apr 27, 06:00 UTC
Substation 3:52 2.9M Apr 13, 17:16 UTC

1 - Contains guitar additions played by Ed "Herman" Diggle.


All songs linked to on this page are Copyright 2000-2002 Tyler Goen, and are released under the terms of the OpenContent License (OPL) Version 1.0. This essentially makes it free for you to distribute or download multiple copies of the tunes, but restricts your rights regarding making derived works. If you're crazy enough to create derived works, you'll want to check out the exact wording of the license. Also, the items licensed through the OPL are provided with no warranty. I'm not sure how an instrumental audio file might cause you any harm (directly or indirectly), but if it does, the author(s) should not be held liable.

How to Listen ("What's an OGG file?")

Though the OGG file format is similar to MP3, it is not the MP3 file format. You might need to
download a decoder to play these files. Don't worry though, it's really easy, and free.

Plug-ins are available for the popular WinAmp and MacAmp players. If you need a new music player, you might want to consider downloading FreeAmp (for Windows and Linux), which comes with built-in Ogg Vorbis support.

Linux users probably already have OGG support in their installation of the X Multimedia System. For more information on the OGG audio format and why it's cool, check out the Ogg Vorbis FAQ.

The main reason we are using this format instead of MP3 is to avoid any licensing fees related to playing, streaming, encoding and distributing these songs.
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