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Salp Wars
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Here are all the builds currently available, as well as some development tools; you read the license and requirements below, right? The versions of Salp Wars linked to from this page are recent alpha, development versions. They are not playable per se, and are only intended for level/graphic/code developers. Since they're updated quite often, there is a chance that the copy you download may not perform as you would expect. If you only intend to play the game (i.e. not develop for nor test it), please wait for stable beta versions.

Platform File Size Last Modified
All User's Guide (pdf) 235K Jun 27, 07:59 UTC
Linux/OS X Source Code 520K Oct 8, 04:48 UTC
Linux-x86 Salp Wars binary 1.5M Oct 1, 02:13 UTC
Win32 Salp Wars binary 406K Jun 4, 01:43 UTC
Win32 Salp Wars Required DLLs 635K May 22, 20:55 UTC
Win32 Salp Wars SETUP.EXE 1.1M Jun 4, 01:46 UTC
Win32 Tile Studio ??? ???
Win32 Tile Studio dev template 1.3K Dec 21, 17:34 UTC


The game is released under the terms of the GNU Public License. As always, the download and execution of this software is to be done at your own risk. There aren't any intended flaws or virii associated with the files linked to by this page, but the author can't be held responsible in case something slips by his or your virus scanning software.


This game has not been tested with anything less than a 300mhz PII. The main boxes used for testing are a 750mhz Duron and 800mhz PIII. Your mileage might vary. Computers running in "server" mode (default) will require more CPU power than in the (relatively dumb) "client" mode.

Salp Wars is only intended for network play over a Local Area Network (LAN), though it probably will play fine for users with a high-speed connection (>= 128kbps). The game is playable between little- and big-endian machines (i.e. Mac and Windows users can play one another).
  • Linux or MacOS X
    • GNU C++ compiler ("g++")
    • SDL 1.2
    • SDL_net
    • SDL_mixer
    • SDL_image
      Most "good" distributions will have pre-installed or pre-packaged versions of these, so you may not need to download anything.

  • Windows
    • You will need a variety of DLLs, similar to the list of Linux requirements. Fortunately, we've pre-packaged these in the form of a one-time download.
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