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Since we don't get a great deal of traffic, we don't get many questions. Still, let's pretend that the site is heavily-hit, and people care a great deal about the game. Before we wake up from this dream, let's answer some would-be questions!

What kind of game is Salp Wars?

It's an original 2-dimensional multiplayer sidescrolling game. You play it over a Local Area Network (LAN) with other friends on separate computers.

Can I play against myself if I don't have a good Internet connection?

Yes, you can run multiple copies of the game on one computer. You will only be able to have fun with this if you have at least one joystick hooked up to the computer (so one player would use the keyboard in one window, and the other player would use the gamepad).

There are no single-player levels, though, so you probably won't have much fun playing by yourself. It's great for testing multiplayer capabilities though.

How do I get Salp Wars?

Like most diseases, Salp Wars may be obtained from a friend or family member. The purest versions of Salp Wars can be found on our SourceForge presence. The newest (and less-tested) versions can be found on our official website.

What do I need to play it?

Physically, you'll need a 200mhz+ computer running Windows, Linux or MacOS X, a LAN and some friends who want to play too. Mentally, you'd best lack sanity.

What's this Linux and MacOS X stuff?

They're operating systems. Both are UNIX-based, and show considerable stability. Most Linux distributions are free, and MacOS X is pretty. We support the power to choose which operating system you use, and hope that Salp Wars positively affects the game selection on both platforms.

What is a Taer?

Taer, a rat. A [fe]male rat. Check the User's Guide for more info. It's pronounced similar to "tarrif," "Tarot," or "terrace."

What happens when my Taer dies?

He or she is recycled, and a clone is beamed in as a replacement.

How Free Is Salp Wars?

As free as pie. Really cheap pie.

How Are Taers Created?

Well, when two Taers love each other (or become terribly inebriated), they do some special hugging. Within moments, another Taer pops out, and the cycle begins again.

What is Salping?

It is the process of throwing or vomiting frogs and grapes. For more info on the etymology of "salp", check the User's Guide. Salp Wars has nothing to do with Scalp Wars or Star Wars.

Is Salp Wars fun?

Oh yeah, it's definitely on the right track, but its coolness quotient should increase dramatically as we approach a "finished version." For a rough estimate of completion, check the current version number of the game (as found on the top of our web pages). Assume that a "finished version" is near a 1.0 release.

Does the game have any cheat codes or easter eggs?

Yes, for now.

Does this website have any easter eggs?

Only on Easter.

How can I get involved with Salp Wars?

If you enjoy where the game is headed, show some support. As an artist, you can create tiles, maps or levels. As a player, you can test out builds and suggest improvements with each release. As a lurker, you can join our mailing lists and maybe even participate in discussions. Even if you do not directly contribute toward the project, your support is quite welcomed. For more information on this, ask Tyler.

I have a question not answered here. Who can I ask?

Send the question to Tyler. If it's about Salp Wars and he can't answer it, we're all screwed!

Is Tyler single? Can I have his child?

Sorry, he's taken. However, at the price of good cooking, promises of cleaning and sufficient bribery, negotiations can be made.
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