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Salp Wars
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Latest Version: 0.44a (12,973 lines)


[Note: latest version is likely a version-in-progress. Make sure
       it matches the version mentioned on our website or your
       copy of the game. The current version number is printed
       to the screen each time you run the game. ]

    * Developers can add static item effects to the 'main' map.

    - Game warns that server info will be sent to metaserver;
      change general.ini settings to fix this.
    - Gamestate has improved internal team support (for recognizing
      and placing teams on maps).
    - User's guide includes mapcode table for easier developer perusal.

    - Metaserver connections (via HTTP GET and POST)
      properly close, saving us quite a few network
      issues :-).
    - Fixed memory leaks; game should use less memory
      than before. If you're running the CVS version and
      would like to routinely test for leaks, contact me.
    - Unix code will try harder to change to EXE's
      current working directory.
    - Added graphic for homing missile powerup (thanks Daniel)
    - Powerups have animated backgrounds (not very animated, but
      the structural change in the TSP is the important thing)
    - An animation fires when player takes a powerup.
    - Unix users' playername matches their login name by default.
      I suppose this could be a security flaw (since the metaserver
      listing would give both a valid userid and IP); let me know
      what you think. Anybody want to submit code to retrieve
      the Win32 userid?
    - The game properly terminates after a SIGINT (when you hit
      control-C on the command line to stop the game).
    - Added some support for bouncy pads, w/graphic (thanks Daniel)
    - Fixed collision/status bug, where aggregate status.
    - MapCode 0xd0 is a health box. 
    - NPCs will not go out of map bounds.
    - Platforms can bounce people, showing special animation
      (see runway.lev for example).

  "-"   Feature
  "*"   Feature in progress
  "!"   Known bug/error/problem

General News

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